About Us

Launched in October 2016, The Agency Circle is an industry body that’s all about turning the talk around diversity into action.
We are a group of Creative Agencies who want to see change. Faster.
We are non-profit. We meet regularly. We share our data, progress and experiences.
We are committed to a common Charter. But we work independently to implement change in our respective Agencies.

The Agency Circle Charter

As members of The Agency Circle we commit to a Charter of Diversity. This commitment is made and delivered at board level by the CEO or equivalent in our respective agencies. It is transparent, visible and known to all who come in to contact with each of our companies, be they employees, clients or partners.

We commit to providing equal opportunities for all people at all levels, irrespective of their gender, age, race, sexual orientation, nationality, religion or disability.

We believe that the more diverse the people we bring together to develop our thinking and our creativity, the more effective the outcomes.

Our commitment is clearly demonstrated in our policies and practices for recruitment, retention, career progression, workplace flexibility, training and development.

  1. We aim to actively reflect the diversity of Australian society at every level of our workforce, by gender, age, race, sexual orientation, nationality, religion and disability.
  2. Our leadership, management and staff are actively involved in training and career development so they’re educated in all matters related to achieving diversity, including gender ethnicity and age biases.
  3. We commit to making all our employees aware of our commitment to diversity and inclusion and to keep them informed of the practical results of this commitment.
  4. We commit to establishing a benchmark of our status by November 2016. We will include details of the measures implemented, our internal procedures and the results we aim to achieve. We will continue to measure our status and openly report our findings in an annual Diversity Profile within the Agency Circle.
  5. We will conduct an open and anonymous online survey with all our employees to establish a legitimate and reflective position from which we can improve.
  6. We will collect and share examples of practical activities that contribute to progress.
  7. All people wishing to join any of our agencies can be assured of an open recruitment policy, a commitment to diversity and inclusion and a guarantee of transparent hiring policies.

Benefits to The Agency Circle

  • A public profile committed to diversity and inclusion in an industry that is currently not an exemplar.
  • Access to best practice information and tools, benchmarking of performance.
  • The opportunity to be considered progressive policy makers, shaping the Australian communications industry agenda.

Member Agencies

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